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What's the VIP Communications Pass?

Every week we publish new communications articles for professionals (like you!) to read. Our goal is to help you level-up one of the most important skills in business - communications. 

However, we are investing in building big value-driven articles and reserving only our BEST and most in-depth articles for VIP Communications Pass holders. 

How is it different from the regular articles?

Regular articles include tips and are purely in text format. Our VIP Communications Pass articles include all that and more:

>> Exclusive Videos
>> Step-by-Step Instructions
>> Tactical and Real-Life Tips
>> Downloadable Infographics
>> Exclusive E-Course Discounts (think 50% - 75% OFF)

How often will new VIP Communications Pass articles be published?

We will be releasing new articles around 2x a month, plus special editions. Topics will be some of our most popular, including: 

public speaking
communications confidence
 leading teams
 virtual presentations
...and so much more!

What's the investment?

For our launch, we are offering a special rate of $29.99 USD, which is a one time payment, that's it!

That gives you lifetime access to ALL our VIP Communications Pass articles. 

Just think...it's the cost of 5 cups of coffee, and you're learning one of the most important skills to grow your communications and confidence!

How do I access and join?

We will be opening VIP Communications Pass access on Dec 8 2021 for ONLY waitlist members.

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Soulcast Media is a premier business communications agency.  Our goal is to elevate individual and business performances by teaching the skills of effective communications. Our technique is anchored in our belief that communications requires a holistic approach that considers human behavior, context and tone. It isn’t just about what you say, but how you say it so that it can generate the biggest impact. 

We offer virtual team training for corporate companies and online e-course programs for professionals.
...and is ranked #1 by LinkedIn!

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