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What's the VIP Communications Pass?

It's the one place to find all our best communications tips organized for you in one place. 

Every 2 weeks, we host our popular Soulcast Media | LIVE events where our Founder, Jessica Chen and her guests share key communications tips. Instead of watching the whole 45 minutes, we write down what you need to know to successfully communicate in the workplace. 

This means if you ever miss an event, don't worry! All our best tips will be organized here for you to remember, forever!

Another VIP bonus? This pass gets you access to our big value-driven articles where we reserve only our BEST and most in-depth articles for VIP members. 

What kind of learning content is inside the Pass?

This pass gets you access to our Soulcast Media | LIVE event show notes + our best value-driven articles. Included in both are:

>> Video Explanations
>> Step-by-Step Communications Tips
>> Tactical and Real-Life Tips
>> Downloadable Infographics
>> Exclusive E-Course Discounts (think 50% - 75% OFF)

Will this pass get me the tips from the 
Soulcast Media | LIVE events?

Our popular Soulcast Media | LIVE events draw hundreds of attendees because they're packed with communications tips. 

You may have attended one or several of these, so you know Jessica Chen and her guests share a lot of golden nuggets. As a VIP Communications Pass holder, you will get all our key takeaways from each event organized for you and delivered straight to your inbox. 

You don't need to watch the whole event to find these tips!

- Leadership Communications Skills - 
Chairman of Citi Private Bank,
Lung Nien Lee

- Confident Communications -
LinkedIn's Top Voice [1 million followers]
Sarah Johnston

- Tips for Engaging Video Meetings -
Prezi CEO
Jim Szafranski

Can you tell me more about the big-value driven articles? 

Our newest value-driven articles are published 2x a month, plus special editions. Topics will be some of our most popular, including: 

public speaking
communications confidence
 leading teams
 virtual presentations
show notes from our Soulcast Media | LIVE events
...and so much more!

What's the investment?

$37.99 USD, which is a one time payment, that's it! 

That gives you lifetime access to ALL our Soulcast Media | LIVE event show notes and our best articles. 

Just think...it's the cost of 6 cups of coffee, and you're learning one of the most important skills to grow your communications and confidence!

What's Soulcast Media?

We are one of the top communications training agencies in the world. According to LinkedIn, we have the #1 most watched communications e-courses by global leaders. Professionals at Google, LinkedIn, Medtronic, Draftkings, the CDC trust us for communications training. 

This is to say, our communications tips and tools are meant to help you. You're at the right place.

How do I access and join?

Click the button below to purchase your all-access pass right now. 

Hear from our 
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One Pass | Lifetime Access 

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