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Warren Buffet is largely recognized for his wealth. But those who follow him may not know what he said is the #1 skill that will increase your value by 50%.

What is it?

Communications and public speaking.

Here's the thing, you may be a quiet introvert type. You may also say you're comfortable being this way. 

But sooner or later, people will begin asking you to speak up. You might even get opportunities to give presentations and share your expertise.

Whether you embrace this challenge and speak up confidently is up to you. But I am here to say - I will help you learn these skills right now.


Struggled with how to communicate what's on your mind?

 Felt like you lacked the inspiration to improve?

 Wondered why other people were getting opportunities and not you? 

 Find yourself frustrated because you didn't say what you were thinking?

Wish you had more confidence in yourself?

 Felt lost on how to actually start improving?

I've seen these negative mental chatter play out and my friends, I've got you covered...

I created this private Soulcast Media Membership because I want to help you design a regular communications practice --- so you can grow, feel supported and inspired every day.

Each month I deliver you brand new content that’s easy to access on your computer, phone or tablet.

Here's the Soulcast Media Membership at a glance:
Private Group Coaching
Do you have questions about improving your communications that you'd like me to answer? This is your chance to meet me in a private group coaching session where I will help you LIVE. 
Exclusive Learning Content
You will have access to the most valuable video content posted only for members to elevate your communications skills.
Bi-Monthly Emails From Me
Start feeling inspired and excited with a personal note from me in your inbox every two weeks. Surprise personal video emails may also be included!
Exclusive Course Discounts
Save 50% on most of my digital courses and get special extras throughout the year.
Monthly Summary Card
Each month we will deliver a summary card that makes retaining our communications topic easy! You can download, print and share to stay inspired on your communications growth!
All-Access Pass to All Content
The moment you join, you get on-demand access to the entire library of content.

It's a fact, when you have a daily practice, your communications growth will start elevating exponentially. 

The Soulcast Media Membership makes it easy to practice improving your communications because it gives you flexible structure while also providing solid guidance

You’ll never be on your own. 

The moment you join, you become part of a private community that has direct access to me and I will guide you and help you stay on track.

"I joined Soulcast Media to improve my public speaking skills. Jessica helped with my delivery and my confidence in my public speaking. Her monthly meetings, online tools and being able to email her with questions have been instrumental in my improvement."

-Richard R.
Your one stop to develop your communications growth, both professionally and personally. Take a look inside:

  • Private group coaching (worth $600)
  • Exclusive learning content (worth $400)
  • Exclusive course discounts (savings of $75 - $180)
  • Monthly inspirational quotes (worth $100)
  • Bi-monthly emails from me
  • All access pass to entire education library (unlimited value)

Value = $1280.00

"Soulcast Media Membership has taught me to see that good presentation skills entail connecting with the audience with your body language, tone of voice, & essential content specific to what the audience needs to hear. Depending on the audience you tailor the presentation for powerful effect. Plus I don't need to be liked, just effective.

- Connie C.
All our members-only communications content is housed inside our portal. Once you enroll, you will have access to our entire library of content organized in easy-to-navigate tabs.
Each month's new communications topic will be posted for you to watch at your own convenience. You can watch and re-watch the individual topics at your own leisure.
Members are invited to a live group coaching call with Jessica each month. This is your chance to ask any communications questions. Can't attend? Recordings are always posted.
You will have 100% access to easy-to-follow videos, summaries and Q&A forums to guide you on your communications growth. Plus, you will have access to the content 24/7 as long as your membership remains active. You can log in whenever it is most convienent for you from anywhere around the world. 

Choose the subscription option that’s best for you!
*your choice between a 6 or 12 month plan

Hear directly from those who have worked with her
Dino Ha, Founder & CEO of Memebox (Fast Company's Top Innovative Companies)
"Jessica helped me improve my overall communication skills as an effective leader. I was able to apply the new learnings to my meetings and day-to-day operations of the company. I am more excited that with Jessica's help, I will not only improve my communication skills, but effective communications will lead to the long term success of the business."
Robin T, Customer Success Manager, Slack
"Jessica is a true expert in her craft. Our exercises brought to light mental barriers that were at play in my method of communication, and have since taught me how to navigate my relationship with those barriers. We shifted my views on how to best leverage the assets in which I communicate, to convey my messages articulately." 
Ricardo D, Senior Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn Learning
"Even though I had experience in presenting, I was able to have some clear takeaways such as creating a story in the presentation and not burying the lead. I was able to apply these two leanings right away during a team meeting and felt that the level of my presentation was stronger because of what I learned from Jessica."
William W, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Penguin Computing
“I am a huge believer that knowledge builds confidence. Jessica helped shaped my mentality in communicating by arming me with techniques and processes that make speaking, especially in front of the camera, a lot easier. With this newfound knowledge, I am now able to speak about my work in tech with a lot more confidence and ease.”
"The investment in Jessica Chen’s Soulcast Media Membership paid for itself after the first month!  

My professional communication skills have improved and I’m eager to improve more with Jessica’s simple advice."

- Philip W.

Choose the subscription option that’s best for you!
*your choice between a 6 or 12 month plan

Have more questions?
Q: What is the Soulcast Media Membership?

A: The Soulcast Media Membership is an online subscription that makes it easy to stay committed to your communications growth! Every month you get tons of inspiring content, plus bi-monthly encouragement emails from me. You can connect with me directly inside our online group coaching sessions each month. Plus you get exclusive course discounts reserved for members-only.
Q: What's the cost to join the Soulcast Media Membership?

A: We're offering two special pricing: $32.99/month (USD) for a 6-months subscription or $24.99/month (USD) for a 12-months subscription. You save $96 on the annual plan. Payment is made at a six months or a twelve months increment. 

Q: What if I want to cancel my membership?

A: Membership automatically renewals every 6 months or 12 months. You can cancel your subscription within 7 days of purchase and receive a full refund. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the private membership portal. 

After 7 days, you can cancel your subscription renewal. Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being automatically charged for renewal when your 6-month or 12-month subscription ends. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Membership through the last day of your 6-month or 12-month plan.
Q: When is the monthly private group coaching scheduled?

A: The schedule for the monthly 40-minute session will be announced two weeks prior with a set date, time, and Zoom link. We will do our best to accommodate different time zones.
Q: How is the monthly private group coaching structured?

A: Jessica will spend the first 15 minutes of class teaching a new communications topic. She will then answer questions that have been submitted to her prior to the class. Can't make it? Don't worry. The monthly calls are recorded and posted inside the portal.
Q: How is the Soulcast Media Membership delivered?

A: Everything is in the Membership portal! You just log in and you can access all the videos, content, inspirational art and more — for the current month AND all previous months. You can access the Membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone. To enhance your learning, I also send an email every other week to encourage and support you!
Q: How much of my time will it require each month?

A: That’s up to you! You can login and watch the exclusive videos, read the emails and attend the live group sessions if it works with your schedule. If you’re busy one week or month, don’t sweat it. You can’t fall behind as a member! However, I encourage you to remember: there is a reason why consistency is key and this membership is meant to hold you accountable. When you commit to your practicing and learning, you’ll find your career growing as well.
Q: Who do I contact to change or cancel my membership? 

A: Please reach out to

your dream of being a powerful communicator doesn't have to be a dream any longer.

Your one stop to develop your communications growth, both professionally and personally 

  • Private group coaching (worth $600)
  • Exclusive learning content (worth $400)
  • Exclusive course discounts (savings of $75 - $180)
  • Monthly inspirational quotes (worth $100)
  • Bi-monthly emails from me
  • All access pass to entire education library (unlimited value)

Value = $1280.00

Your chance to enter the Soulcast Media Membership for: 

"As a life-long introvert, I’ve noticed that a lot of what Jessica says is completely relatable. Jessica has obviously walked in the same shoes because she brings up these small dilemmas that only a fellow introvert could know. 

But here is the great part, she offers advice to handle these dilemmas. What makes her Group Coaching sessions so valuable is that they provide an opportunity to pick up so many unique gold nuggets of advice.”

-Sergio P. 

Choose the subscription option that’s best for you!
*your choice between a 6 or 12 months plan