Skills For Career Success

Learn how to identify and improve your communications skills for that potential promotion. 

James Roger
CEO | 
3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc.

Jessica Chen
Founder & CEO | 
Soulcast Media

Patricia Maben
President & Co-Founder |   
3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc.

Pacific Time: Tues, Aug 16 at 11:00am
Eastern Time: Tues, Aug 16 at 2:00pm
London Time: Tues, Aug 16 at 7:00pm

Who is the event for?
Do you want to move up in your career? 

Have your eyes set on a work promotion but don't know how to get there? 

How can you use your communications skills to level up at work? 

We'll be talking about it all! 

If you're interested, this event is for you. 

Join Jessica Chen, Founder & CEO of Soulcast Media, as she chats with 3 Enrollment Marketing, Inc.'s CEO, James Roger, and President, Co-Founder, Patricia Maben. 

Learn how to identify and improve your communications skills for that potential promotion. 

Where is the event?
It'll be hosted on LinkedIn. We will email you the link once you save your spot!
Meet our Host
Jessica Chen is an Emmy-Award winner, top virtual keynote speaker, and CEO of the global business communications agency, Soulcast Media. The company trains Fortune 500 companies, global teams, and individuals on presentation, executive presence and communications messaging. Her client list includes Google, the CDC, LinkedIn, Medtronic, HP, DraftKings, and many more. 

Prior to starting Soulcast Media, Jessica was a broadcast television journalist. She has been awarded an Emmy-Award for her work at ABC 10News and multiple Associated Press Awards. 

Jessica is also a top LinkedIn Learning Instructor where her communications courses have been watched by over 1 million learners and featured on Forbes, Fortune, and Entrepreneur Magazine.
Meet our Guest
James Roger is an executive with over 25 years of experience building organizations that disrupt the traditional way of doing things to meaningfully improve results. He has worked for both large publicly traded companies as well as technology startups. 

At the core of his leadership approach is people. James strives to:
• Surround himself with people who have both great attitudes and aptitudes
• Help them achieve more than they thought possible
• Set the bar high, then higher
• Always find room for new approaches
• Make sure we have some fun along the way

At 3E, we are passionate about the mission of higher education, disrupting the traditional way of doing things and investing in our people and culture. Join us on this journey!

Meet our Guest
For 27 years Patricia Maben's passion has been to support colleges & universities through the success of their students - from recruitment to graduation. Her objective is to support the perpetual cycle of students discovering colleges and universities to meet their goals and in return colleges and universities thrive through enrolling and graduating the right students. Higher Education is Patricia's mission. 

Her entire professional life has revolved around three core objectives:
1. Helping students discover higher education and the potential it holds for them
2. Digging into the data to understand any complex challenge
3. Implement innovative ways to meet challenges with an entrepreneurial spirit

From helping individual students explore and discover their college choices, to working with colleges and universities in identifying and recruiting those students, to building out the best solutions that will do it - Patricia is driven by the success that Higher Education brings to individuals and society.

About Soulcast Media
Soulcast Media is an award-winning global business communications agency. We provide high-touch communications training to elevate people's speaking and authority in-person and on video calls.

Our services: corporate training, e-courses, 1-1 sessions, and a communications membership.

Clients: Google, Harvard Business School, HP, Medtronic, LinkedIn...more!

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