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Leadership Communications on Video Calls Training 

Thursday, May 27, 2021

General Public Rate: $175 (USD)

Tickets are running out!

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Same Day Rate: $350 (USD)

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Join Three Top Communications Expert For A Powerful Virtual Communications Training 
[One-Day Only!]

[Running Low] $175
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*Unless the event is canceled there are no refunds

Meet Your Instructors

Ted Toussaint
Body Language 

Jessica Chen
Executive Presence 

Dr. Wendy LeBorgne
Tone of Voice

Join us in this unprecedented virtual communications event where you will be trained by three top communication experts in one place. 

This training will teach you:

  • How to strategically use your body language to build engagement and presence
  • How to carry yourself on video and use the right words to build credibility
  • How to control your tone of voice so your speaking is clear, interesting and powerful
  • ​How to build virtual communications confidence

You'll walk away with a solid 3-part framework on how you can be a stronger communicator on video.

    How Will It Be Structured?

    You will spend time with each instructor where they will teach you a brand new communications topic.

    • 35 Minutes with Ted Toussaint - Body Language Expert
    • ​35 Minutes with Jessica Chen - Executive Presence Expert
    • 35 Minutes with Dr. Wendy LeBorgne - Tone of Voice Expert
    • 15 Minutes of Live Q&A
    • ​PDF Guide
    • ​Limited Seats

    Who is the training for?

    Are you a corporate professional conducting meetings on video?

    Are you an educator teaching others on camera?

    Are you an executive looking to elevate your speaking presence?

    If you've answered yes to any of these...

    This training is for you.

    What's the Investment?

    General Public Rate: $175 (USD)

    Same Day Rate: $350 (USD)

    ** Want your entire team to join? Contact: hello@soulcastmedia.com

    You Pick Which Session To Attend After* Ticket Purchase

    *see confirmation email with details

    Session 1: May 27, 2021

    Pacific Standard - 8am
    Eastern Standard - 11am 
    Central European - 5pm

    Session 2: May 27, 2021

    Pacific Standard - 5:30pm
    Eastern Standard - 8:30pm
    Singapore/HK - 8:30am (Fri, May 28, 2021)

    Meet Jessica Chen
    Jessica Chen is a trusted communications advisor to elite tech leaders in Silicon Valley and Asia. She is also Founder & CEO of Soulcast Media, a global business communications agency that partners with Fortune 500 companies to train their teams on presentation, executive presence and team communications in-person and on-video. 

    Prior to starting Soulcast Media, Jessica was a broadcast television journalist. She has been awarded an Emmy-Award for her work at ABC 10News and multiple Associated Press Awards. Jessica is also a top LinkedIn Learning Instructor where her communications courses have been watched by over 1 million learners.
    Meet Dr. Wendy LeBorgne
    Dr. Wendy LeBorgne is a sought-after voice pathologist, speaker, author, and master-class clinician regarding vocal wellness and vocal athletes. Her clients are high-level executives, Broadway performers, world-class opera singers, television actors, mega-church pastors, national sports broadcasters, healthcare leaders, and entrepreneurs.

    Dr. Wendy actively presents nationally and internationally on the professional voice, voice branding, and vocal athletes. Her recent TED talk, "Beyond Words" has been viewed over 400,000 times. Before opening up her own voice and communication consulting business, Dr. LeBorgne served over 20 years as the clinical director of two successful private practice voice centers evaluating and treating patients with vocal injury.
    Meet Ted Toussaint
    Ted is a Behavioral Scientist and Body Language expert fascinated by human behavior. She is the founder of Beyond Expression and helps ambitious and curious professionals to succeed by showing them the powerful impact of their body language. It intrigues her that the world is becoming more and more sophisticated, while much of our nonverbal behavior can still be explained from an evolutionary perspective.

    During her international work as a researcher and lecturer she specialized in the field of nonverbal communication and rapport building. By combining her knowledge of psychology, neurology and communication, she creates inspiring and engaging science-based masterclasses which elevate people’s presence, leadership and charisma.
    Hosted by Soulcast Media
    Soulcast Media is a premier business communications agency.  Our goal is to elevate individual and business performances by teaching the skills of effective communications. Our technique is anchored in our belief that communications requires a holistic approach that considers human behavior, context and tone. It isn’t just about what you say, but how you say it so that it can generate the biggest impact. 

    We offer virtual team training for corporate companies and online e-course programs for professionals.

    - our communications work is trusted by our clients -

    please contact hello@soulcastmedia.com for group trainings