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Confidence Course

You are at the right place. 

Soulcast Media was recently ranked to have the #1 communications course by LinkedIn in 2021!

“The next best thing to having Jessica as your personal communications and confidence advisor!”

Who is the online program for?

>> ​If you want to learn how to elevate your communications skills

>> ​If you want to learn the secrets and strategies of great speakers

>> ​If you believe in professional and personal growth

>> If you want to learn from one of the top communications experts in the world

Then this program is for you!
This course was made for those who are ready to elevate their communications skills immediately. This course focuses on these key techniques and strategies: 

Engaging Body Language
Engaging Tone of Voice
Communicating with your Peers
Communicating with Junior Team Members
Communicating with Senior Management
Developing Leadership Executive Presence
Giving Constructive Feedback
Navigating Difficult Conversations

This exclusive online video training program covers it all and it was designed with you in mind! 

"I am thrilled to be taking that next proactive step to improve my communications skills."

Once you enroll...
You will have unlimited access to the online video courses to learn how to improve your communications immediately. 

Each step is taught by award-winning communications instructor, Jessica Chen. 

What's included in the online program?
The interactive videos will allow you to access on your computer or on your phone/tablet at your own convenience and time. 
A full PDF guide that details all the techniques and strategies will be provided to enhance your learning. You can save, print, and download it to access anytime.

Learning never stops, which is why we've included two bonus videos of our highly requested topic: how to elevate your video call set up to build virtual engagement.
The best part?
You will have access to ALL these learning materials and videos for the rest of your life as long as the course exists! You can learn and re-learn at your own pace. 

Or, if you ever need a refresher, you will be able to watch at your own convienence!
Love for our video communications courses!
What's the investment?
The investment for the program is usually $79.99 (USD). 

We are offering a one-time promo for our select guests. Access it for 50% OFF! 
One-Time Price: $39.99
Regular Pricing: $79.99
"There is a difference between talking and speaking. I've noticed a difference in how people notice me because the way I speak has dramtically improved."
Topics covered inside the training
We focus on these key techniques and strategies in this course.

Engaging Body Language
Engaging Tone of Voice
Communicating with your Peers
Communicating with Junior Team Members
Communicating with Senior Management
Developing Leadership Executive Presence
Giving Constructive Feedback
Navigating Difficult Conversations
+ 2 Bonus Videos
+ Full PDF Guide

Available to watch and access immediately once you enroll!
Meet Your Instructor
Jessica Chen is an Emmy-Award winner, top virtual keynote speaker, and CEO of the global business communications agency, Soulcast Media. The company trains Fortune 500 companies, global teams, and individuals on presentation, executive presence and communications messaging. Her client list includes Google, the CDC, LinkedIn, Medtronic, HP, DraftKings, and many more.

Prior to starting Soulcast Media, Jessica was a broadcast television journalist. She has been awarded an Emmy-Award for her work at ABC 10News and multiple Associated Press Awards.

Jessica is also a top LinkedIn Learning Instructor where her communications courses have been watched by over 1 million learners and featured on Forbes, Fortune, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Recently, her teachings on executive presence was ranked by LinkedIn as #1 most watched by global business leaders.
Hear directly from those who have worked with her
Dino Ha, Founder & CEO of Memebox (Fast Company's Top Innovative Companies)
"Jessica helped me improve my overall communication skills as an effective leader. I was able to apply the new learnings to my meetings and day-to-day operations of the company. I am more excited that with Jessica's help, I will not only improve my communication skills, but effective communications will lead to the long term success of the business."
Grace Redman, CEO of Dare to Achieve
"I am grateful to have Jessica and her team as my partners. They are professional, down to earth, and actually really care about you as a person, you are not just a number."
Ricardo D, Senior Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn Learning
"Even though I had experience in presenting, I was able to have some clear takeaways such as creating a story in the presentation and not burying the lead. I was able to apply these two leanings right away during a team meeting and felt that the level of my presentation was stronger because of what I learned from Jessica."
William W, VP of Marketing & Product, Penguin Computing
“I am a huge believer that knowledge builds confidence. Jessica helped shaped my mentality in communicating by arming me with techniques and processes that make speaking, especially in front of the camera, a lot easier. With this newfound knowledge, I am now able to speak about my work in tech with a lot more confidence and ease.”
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